Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

are provided below for your convenience.


Q: Do you ship?

A: Yes, we ship worldwide.

Q: Do you ship to USA?

A: Yes, we ship Worldwide.

Q: How do you calculate shipping?

A: We submit the weight and dimensions of the part / package / skid and obtain a quote. Whichever shipping company comes back at the better rate is who we use.

Q: Is shipping included in the price of the part?

A: No, all shipping costs are over and above the price of the part.


Q: Do you charge PST & GST for US orders?

A: No, anything leaving Canada is exempt from taxes.

Q: How fast can we get the parts?

A: Depending on if the parts are on the shelf and ready to go, or if we have to get them removed from the machine still. Typically, we can have the parts off within a day or two. But we ask you to call and ask prior to driving and or showing up. If the parts are getting shipped, there would be the delay on whatever the shipping company would have for delivery day.

Q: Can we pick them up at store?

A: Yes, please contact us to verify hours of operation.

Q: Do you take payment over phone?

A: Yes, we take Mastercard, Visa, American Express over the phone. We also have options for e-transfers and wire transfers. The parts must be paid for prior to the parts leaving our yard.

Q: What currency do you quote and charge in?

A: We only quote and charge prices in Canadian funds.

Parts Details

Q: Which manufactures do you carry?

A: John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, Deutz, Caterpillar, Fendt, CLAAS, McCormick, Gleaner, Massey Ferguson, Allis Chalmers, Buhler Versatile, CAT Lexion, Cummins, Degelman, Hesston, HoneyBee, MacDon, Iveco, Kubota, Leon, Melroe, Perkins, Precision, Rake-Up, Steiger, SwathMaster, Valtra, Versatile, Victory Super 8, White Farm Equipment, Ezee-On, Alo, Co-Op Implements.

Q: Do you use OEM part numbers?

A: Yes, for the most part we use OEM part numbers.

Q: Do you also carry new parts?

A: Yes, we can typically source out new parts.

Q: Do you inspect the parts?

A: When we part down our equipment we do inspect the parts. When we sell something as an assembly, such as a good used transmission, we drain the oil and check for any filings, take the top cover off and do a visual inspection. If we find any filings, or see something concerning, we would not sell that part.

Q: Can I pull my own parts?

A: No, only our mechanics can pull parts.

Q: What equipment do you salvage?

A: Farm tractors, combines, swathers, and self propelled forage harvesters.


Q: What’s your warranty and return policy?

A: For good used parts that are not electronic we have a 30-day replacement warranty. The warranty does not cover downtime, shipping, labor, it just covers the part itself. We need to know right away if there are any issues with the warranty. For rebuilt parts we would have a 1-year warranty. The warranty does not cover downtime, shipping, labor, it just covers the part itself.

A: No return after 30 days. Any return is subject to a restocking fee and the customer must prepay the freight on returning the part. Any return must be arranged with your original salesperson prior to sending the part back.

Q: Can we call you about specifics and see pictures?

A: Yes, you can call us about specifics and if we are able to, we will get pictures taken for you. Pictures do go at the bottom of the list, and at certain times of the year we are unable to send someone out to take pictures due to business volume.

About our Business

Q: How big is your yard?

A: We are situated on around 75 acres of land.

Q: How long in business?

A:  We have been in business since 1988.

Q: When are your busiest months?

A: We are busy all year, however our busy months start in June and goes until November. With August – November being the busiest.

Refunds & Returns

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: All returns must be pre-arranged and are subject to a re-stocking fee.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: We do not accept returns after 30 days. Returns are subject to a re-stocking fee and must be pre-arranged with your original salesperson.

Q: Do I have to pay postage on returns?

A: Yes, the customer must pay the freight on returning the part.