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BUHLER / VERSATILE – NEW: Buhler Versatile Ag Equipment is a prominent name in the agricultural machinery industry. They are well-known for their unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. Their diverse portfolio includes a wide array of agricultural equipment tailored to improve farming practices. Buhler manufactures reliable tractors, known for their performance and durability. These tractors are essential for a range of farming tasks. Additionally, they produce versatile loaders that can handle various materials, contributing to the efficiency of agricultural operations. Buhler’s range of equipment extends to efficient tillage and planting implements, which are crucial for modern farming practices. These implements help farmers cultivate their land and plant crops more effectively. With their wide array of offerings, Buhler caters to the diverse needs of contemporary farmers, providing them with the tools required to enhance productivity and achieve success in agriculture. Gratton Coulee’s salvage yard carries numerous new and rebuilt parts for this equipment.